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Black Monday Scares Some Investors

Anyone tuned on their television at any point during the day and seeing what is going on in the stock market is likely to be panicked. There was a very wild ride on Wall Street in the last few days. The market has shed a lot of money in just a few days, and people are starting to get very concerned that they will not be able to make money on their investments, let alone that they could lose money on those investments.

This kind of worry is understandable, but the idea that people should outright panic at this moment is probably not a good plan. If anything, some are saying that this could be an opportunity to buy into the market even more.

Brad Reifler is one money manager who can help out those with smaller net worths and plenty to worry about in the market. He helps people who do not have the kind of net worth that many money managers try to help out. He believes in reaching out to the people who are the most likely to be negatively impacted by what is happening on the market today. He is a different kind of manager that most, and that makes him very valuable to his clients.

Days with a lot of ups and downs in the market are something that tend to shake out the so called “weak hands” in the market. These are people who simply cannot stand the heat when it comes to markets.

While this strategy does not work out well for those who sell into panics, it is good news for people who are interested in being in the markets for a longer period of time. They can take advantage of these lower prices and actually purchase some stocks and other investments at lower prices that they would not otherwise be able to get.

Those who do not yet have their money in the market may want to wait it out a while longer until things settle out a little bit. Calmer markets are a lot easier for those who have never invested before to get into. It is helpful to them because they do not run the risk of putting money into a market that could potentially take a big hit.

New investors may turn to the financial media for information about what they should or should not do in the stock market, but that could be a very bad idea. The truth is that the financial media does not have great advice for those who are trying to learn how to trade in the beginning. The media works on making the market dramatic at all times, and that can scare some people off who are not used to hearing these headlines. Instead, stick to the basics, invest and forget about it for a while.

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