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How Alexei Beltyukov Attained His Success

Philanthropist, businessman and humanitarian, Alexei Beltyukov is an exceptional person who dedicates his efforts towards helping others. His experience has taken him through a very specific number of positions from founder of a company to Chief Executive Officer. He is a truly diverse person with a heart for helping others.

He and his wife both went to INSEAD Business school. Alexei was awarded a scholarship to go to the business school. The scholarship he received was the Lister Vickery Scholarship. He and his wife now donate much needed funds to the school to support their scholarship program.

This altruism also extends beyond his alma mater. Alexei understands how hard it can be to get a business off the ground. That is why he has dedicated not only his time, but also a large chunk of his money to Endemic Capital.

Endemic Capital is an organization that aids individuals with funding. This is a resource where new business owners can turn to get the start up capital necessary to open the doors to their own business. It works for Russians to help bolster the Russian economy.

MTV said he has also founded a number of different organizations. Among these include A-Ventures and New Gas Technologies. The general public sometimes forgets that Alexei did not start off his career in business. This was the second career path that he had chosen. Alexei Beltyukov started his professional career in the field of medicine.

As a board member of the Interactive Educational Services, one can see Alexei’s passion for education and continually expanding one’s horizons through education. He developed an online educational system. This system is where children can go to better understand math facts. This system makes math more approachable and therefore more accessible to a larger audience.

The company through which Mr. Beltyukov developed this system is Solvy. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy. Using his unique set of knowledge helps him to understand better wyas to making facts easier for a larger population to understand. Having the Solvy company behind him also makes it easier for the testing and development stages as well.

His own life exhibits the values he strongly believes in. One such example is the fact that he believes that continuing education is a key to ending the hardship of others. This can be demonstrated through the educational system software, as well as through the many contributions he has made to not only his alma mater, but also to the people of Russia.

A true humanitarian who believes that the power to improve life lies within each individual’s grasp if they are only willing to work hard for it. Education aided Beltyukov in gaining the type of life that he desired, and he believes that if a person is willing to make the effort and get the education, they can do the same thing.


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