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Nobilis Health Took Care of My Upper Back Pain

Many years ago, I was in an accident and had damage to my upper back. At that time, a couple of discs in my back were damaged, and I never did anything about it. I just went on living, which was all great until about three years ago. The pain in my upper back began to intensify although it wasn’t every day at that time, so I just continued to deal with it. About a year ago, I was in another car accident, and that’s when the pain was too much to bear. I had to see a doctor.

My aunt knew one of the doctors at the Nobilis Health facility in Scottsdale. Their facility is called the Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center. She recommended that I go to see him and see what he could do for me. I was reluctant at first, mostly hoping that the pain would just go away. However, three months later when the pain just kept getting worse and becoming a daily occurrence, I finally gave in. I scheduled the first appointment, and the staff seemed glad to take my call. I talked to the secretary for a moment, and she said they treat cases like mine, so I shouldn’t be worried.

Before I went to my appointment, I did some research on their facilities. Everything seemed great, and Nobilis Health seemed very reputable as well. I was looking forward to my appointment by the time I got done with my research, especially after reading some of the stories from others who had been treated at their facility. During my appointment, I did ask lots of the questions that I had written down during my research, and all of them were answered with ease. The doctor knew what he was doing. 

Before the doctor scheduled my surgery, he did want to get some updated tests completed. He ordered an MRI of my upper back, and he ordered a CT scan of my upper back as well. He said these tests would help him to determine what type of surgery he would do, and it would determine how he would perform the surgery. The results came back, and at my next appointment he told me there would be a minimally invasive procedure performed on my upper back. The results of the test showed that I had a bone spur underneath my spinal canal, and he said he would treat the problem during the surgery.

It is now seven months after my surgery, and I feel amazing. I do have some upper back and neck pain from time to time though. The pain is never severe, and the pain goes away rather quickly. The doctor at Nobilis Health took care of my upper back pain, and that means everything to me. I am glad that my aunt knew him, and I probably should have gone in sooner than I did. However, the surgery is completed, and my life is going great after the surgery. I have no regrets, and I really admire the Nobilis Health doctor who treated my case.

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