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Work Out Fashionably with Fabletics


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is on a mission: becoming the go-to choice for fashion-minded, fitness conscious women worldwide. In a world where many workout fashion brands come at a high price point, Fabletics operates with a different business model. The company’s subscription based model provides members with one discounted outfit per month.

As recently reported by Racked, Fabletics’ parent company, Just Fab, has big plans for the company’s future. While continuing to improve customer experiences online, Fabletics will introduce 75 to 100 brick and mortar stores over the next few years. This spring, the seventh Fabletics store will open its doors.

While Fabletics stores are the future, Just Fab CEO, Adam Goldenberg assures us the stores will not take away from its current subscription model. Instead, the stores will allow customers to try on clothes, experiencing them first-hand before ordering. Sales associates will be able to sign customers up for the online service.

Goldenberg also addresses concerns over past customer complaints. Currently, Fabletics is hard at work improving its online shopping platform. Customers have a better understanding of how the service works and the company is registering only a small number of complaints these days. While Goldenberg would prefer zero monthly complaints, the company averages less than ten complaints per month, while shipping out more than 800,000 outfits. Those numbers speak to Fabletics’ commitment to providing a stellar customer experience.

Fabletics began in 2013 as a collaboration between Just Fab and iconic taste-maker, Kate Hudson. They launched with the intention of filling in a gap between luxury athletic wear and affordable styles. The mission was simple, provide stylish workout clothes at an accessible price point. The designs are functional and beautiful, designed for the active woman chasing her kids around the backyard to the tough competitor running a marathon.

The Fabletics subscription model is simple and affordable. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, the company’s $25 to try offer is more than worth it. The styles offered by Fabletics rival some of the luxury brands while offering big-box store pricing. The company’s fashion profile quiz helps customers hone in on items that make them feel comfortable and suit their personalities. For those that want a new outfit every month, or the option to buy new workout clothes regularly, Fabletics is worth the price.
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