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Dr. Jennifer Walden Enjoys Life At The Top

Women throughout the ages have tried every conceivable trend, fad diets and beauty regimen to stave off the aging process. Today’s woman can choose between Botox, chemical peels, laser treatments and a plethora of other non invasive anti aging treatments. Never has it been easier to avoid aging than it is today. If you want to streamline your complete person from head to toe, there is only one choice to make and that is plastic surgery.

Choosing a plastic surgeon can be a major decision. You want someone who does amazing work. Can they turn plain Jane into Demi Moore or Angelina Jolie? Who wouldn’t want to look like them? Can you trust the advice of your friends, some of whom haven’t been able to blink for years? You know the ones. Do you want a male or female rearranging your body parts? Luckily for many women Dr. Jennifer Walden is the only choice for their plastic surgery needs.

Dr. Walden is ranked the top beauty surgeon in Austin, TX. She has trained with some of the worlds leading plastic surgeons and currently has a very long waiting list. Dr. Walden began her medical career studying biology at the University of Texas. After being wait listed for medical school, she got her chance to advance her studies at the University of Texas Medical School, where she also served her residency. Dr. Walden was then granted a fellowship at the Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat hospital in Manhattan, New York where she worked and studied under Dr. Sherrell Aston.

She stayed on at the Hospital for quite a few years after the end of her fellowship. During her thirteen years in New York City Dr. Walden’s client list grew. She had developed a lucrative, well respected, practice for herself. After the birth of her twin sons Dr. Walden returned to Austin,Texas where she had the support of her family and friends, she began her new practice in WestLake Hills, Texas and a sattelite office in Marble Falls, Texas.

Since opening her practice she has been named the best plastic surgeon by Harper’s Bazaar and by the American Way. Today she juggles the raising of her twins, her thriving practice and her new role as a media darling on Fox news and Dr. 90210.

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