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Innovation And Competition Drives Up Dog Food Sales

Sales of premium dog food have surged to $10.5 billion, a rise of 45%. Premium dog food accounts for over a half of the market share. This increase has been driven by the eat- like-your-owner strategy. Dog food manufacturers like Blue Buffalo Co. and Freshpet are leading the innovation-driven products. This information was originally published on Daily Herald as highlighted in the link below http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/

According to a facebook post by Richard Thompson, feeding pets with food that tastes like the foods consumed by people is the next level of how the pets will be fed. Thompson is the CEO of Freshpet, a gourmet-food manufacturer that has a factory located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In the market, Freshpet is the only producer that offers industrial refrigerated pet food.
For many years, dog food manufacturers have manufactured organic grain free food besides blending salmon and lamb into their kibble. Presently, the traditional pet food manufacturers are improving their marketing game in order to deal with the competition from new firms like Blue Buffalo Co. The change has been brought about by the healthy and fresh movement shifts, which now focus on pet victuals. For instance, Colgate-Palmolive has manufactured foods that help dogs lose weight. In addition, Nestle’s Purina offers a website through which pet owners can tailor special blends. According to the website, personalized nutrition is the best.
Additionally, the Cesar Home Delights by Mars sells beef stroganoff and lasagna for dogs accompanied by the tagline “he’ll have what you’re having.” According to George Puro, the president of Puro Research Group, these companies are continuously trying to create the latest innovation that pet owners ought to have. They are fighting back the competition by innovations as well as acquisitions. Nestle’s Purina acquired Merrick Pet Care, the initial certified producer of organic wet and dry dog food.
About Beneful
One of the leading brands of Nestle PurinaStore is Beneful. It offers high quality dog food for all the nutritional needs of your dog. Beneful dog foods are found in different choices that can be categorized into three. They include Beneful Dry Dog Food, Beneful Wet Dog Food and Beneful Dog Treats (https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/). Each of these three categories comprises of different types of dog meals.
All these food provide the best nutrition to dogs. The dry dog food is prepared from wholesome ingredients that include chicken, rice and beef. Carrots, beef, peas, salmon tomatoes and wild rice are the ingredients used to manufacture wet foods. Treats come in different flavors that include vegetable, beef and chicken. Beneful is available for purchase online on Amazon.com

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