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Securus Technologies Uncovers The Truth

Securus Technologies who are involved in technology solutions for several branches of government agencies such as corrections, public safety and investigation will be revealing documentation during several press releases over the next 6 months that share an ongoing wrong doing within the industry.
Securus Technologies prides itself in upholding some of the highest standards of integrity within the industry. In recent months they were approved and accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which also assigned them with an A+ rating. The Senior Vice President of Operations for Securus Technologies said in a statement that him and his team have worked very hard to receive the formal accreditation as we as what they are allowed to formally print. The accreditation procedure is a voluntary procedure on Securus Technologies part and they have worked extremely hard to meet the necessary standards that are required for accreditation.

The standards that Securus Technologies has to meet are as follows, to build trust within the marketplace as well as keep a positive track record, to advertise honestly and to maintain their standards when selling, to always tell the truth with regards to services and products. There are several other standards which include, being transparent, honor promises, be responsive, safeguard privacy and embody integrity.

The wrongdoing within the industry was done by the inmate communications provider known as Global Tel Link. Several wrong doings and integrity breaches were identified by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC). Global Tel Link has been providing inmates with communication services for the past 18 years. These PR Newswire published findings have therefore been going on for a number of years and have cost the Louisiana taxpayers over $1 million. According to Richard A. Smith the CEO of Securus this wrongdoing must be addressed and rectified soon.

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