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Get Snacking Variety With Help From Livio Bisterzo And HIPPEAS

Bisterzo Launches HIPPEASEating the same thing day after day can easily get boring. People often want to shake it up and try something new. They also want to have something they know is both nutritious and will taste good. This is one of the goals of Green Park Brands. With their new line of HIPPEAS, they hope to provide customers with a range of products to enjoy each day. Their new line is all about offering flavor choices they know each person will love eating.

Each flavor has been carefully selected by company founder Livio Bisterzo and his happy workers. Livio, a native of Italy, knows all about taste. Growing up in Italy helped introduce him to a culture where rich flavors take center stage. His aim at Green Park Brands is to help others discover what Italians have known for centuries: people can have both flavor and nutrition in the same place.

Bold And Exciting Flavors

The new line of organic chickpea puffs available from Green Park Brands and HIPPEAS is all about an explosion of flavor in every single mouthful. People can try a flavor like Happenin’ Hickory, a delicious combination of sweet tomato flavor that is paired with onion, garlic and just the barest hint of hickory smoke. Those who really enjoy a true spike of spice can pick out the Far Out Fajita. This flavor of chickpea puff is all about a spicy combination of chili, paprika and classic cumin. The Siracha Sunshine flavor brings this brand new condiment to new heights with a puff that is both sweet and yet tangy at the same time as the puff also includes jalapeno and paprika. Each puff offers a different taste, allowing people to pick which one they want on any given day.

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Devotion To Quality

At this company. devotion to quality is always first on the mind of each person at Green Park Brands. Livio Bisterzo (https://twitter.com/liviobisterzo) knows that he must make sure that each snack will bring the flavor every single time. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he takes inspiration from the region’s mild climate and diverse culture as he continues to think about new ways to take flavor ideas and turn them into something truly special. He also knows that he can trust his employees to help him develop new ideas for flavors that are also nutritious and offer people things they need like fiber and protein.

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