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Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Become Very Successful As A Plastic Surgeon

Many don’t associate beauty with brains, but Dr. Jennifer Walden will easily change everyone’s mind. This beauty from Austin, Texas has not only returned home to be the surgeon she was always meant to be, she also has a family, and she is highly successful in her practice. Dr. Jennifer Walden went to the University of Texas and was able to get her bachelors degree. She was later admitted to a program in New York City that only two people were allowed in that year, including herself, and she began to learn more about plastic surgery.


After she excelled in her work, she eventually opened up a practice with one of her mentors, who was so accredited that she had international clientele that would come to New York City for plastic surgery at their practice. Dr. Walden stayed in New York City for eight years before deciding that she wanted to bring her twin sons, Houston and Rex back to her hometown of Austin to be surrounded by family members. Although it was possible for Dr. Walden to only have nannies watching her children while she worked, she believes in a family support system.


Dr. Walden says her mother still lives in the family home that they grew up in, and her mother raised five children. Although Dr. Walden says she has her hands full with two kids, she’s loving every minute of parenthood and enjoys living back in her hometown of Austin. Dr. Walden opened up a practice in Austin that has become wildly successful, and she’s taken the time to become an author, she’s been featured in many magazines, and she’s been on television shows as well.


The advice that Dr. Walden gives is invaluable, especially to those who want plastic surgery and may need to know which route to take. Along with doing surgeries like a labiaplasty, Dr. Walden specializes in surgical breast procedures that do everything from enlarging to minimizing the size of the breasts as well as beautifying them. Anyone who knows great plastic surgery will choose Dr. Walden, especially if they want the best work from one of the best surgeons around.

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