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An Evaluation of Brian Bonar’s Illustrious Finance Career

Daldara Financial Corporation chairman, and CEO Brian Bonar is one of the most established executives in the financial services industry. In the course of his career, he has received prestigious awards. These include being named Cambridge’s who is Who Executive of The Year in the field of finance. This is an honorable recognition considering that those who are honored must have shown a high level of integrity, professionalism, and academic achievement.

For more than thirty years, Mr. Brian Bonar has exhibited a high degree of market insight, which has enabled him to provide astute leadership wherever he has served. The experience garnered during this time has been the driving force behind the unbeatable success that he has had during his stint as Dalrada Financial Corporation’s CEO. He has been serving in this capacity for nearly ten years. What stands out is his ability to dispense pragmatic advice to the firm’s clients.

Mr. Bonar’s Role at Dalrada

At Dalrada, Brian is tasked with the mandate of overseeing a variety of employer and staff benefits. The company’s mainly provides its clients with an assortment of programs aimed at increasing overall business efficiency.

These programs include employee benefits, risk management insurance, financial management, and business management. As the firm’s CEO, Brian’s role is to ensure that the aforementioned products and services are duly dispensed to clients in a timely manner.

About Mr. Bonar

The highly successful corporate executive has enjoyed a hugely successful career in the fields of finance and technology. He has carved a niche for himself due to his exceptional ability to formulate business models that are enduring, scalable, and flexible to the ever changing needs of the market. Brian is a trained engineer. He studied at James Watt Technical College before proceeding to Stafford University from where he holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar’s career began at IBM, where he was employed as a procurement manager. After excelling in this role, he moved to QMS where he was put in charge of the firm’s engineering department.

This appointment also put him in charge of over 100 members of staff. After gaining experience in the corporate world, Brian formed his first company, Bezier Systems. The firm grew into a highly profitable venture within the first few years of conception.

Before becoming Dalrada’s CEO, Brian Bonar held senior positions in other companies. He distinguished himself as an industry leader as far as facilitating Mergers and Acquisition transactions is concerned. Besides this, his approach to business matters has won him accolades.

His approach combines an engineer’s technical ability and a financial expert’s creative mind. Mr. Bonar is a member of several boards including Solvis Group Inc., Smart Tek Automated Services, Trueconcept Inc., Greenland Corp, American Marine LLC, Tradeshadow Products Inc., and Alliance National Insurance Company.

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