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The Industry Leader, OSI Group

OSI Group L.L.C is a meat processing firm that has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The company established itself in 1909, and the primary products in productions include meat patties, pizza, hot dogs, poultry, bacon, vegetable products, and fish. OSI Group has attained the 58th position out of a list of 100 companies in the Forbes list of top 100 businesses. OSI Group revenue last year was $6 billion. This meat processing firm has always been a privately owned company and plays host to a staff of about 21000 employees.

The OSI Group is at position 66 among the leading 100 food/beverage firms. The achievements of this company have been as a result of Sheldon Lavin being the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Many have acknowledged Mr. Lavin’s success including the likes of Vision World Academy from India where he got a Global Visionary Award. Sheldon Lavin previously had a career in finance before joining OSI. He has changed the company from being a local food firm to a global food processing enterprise that is worth lots of billions of dollars. OSI Group has more than 60 branches which are in 16 separate nations. Sheldon Lavin previously worked at the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation as the Director and the Rush University as the Medical Center’s general trustee.

The firm has consistently been investing to ensure its continuous growth. Since June 2016, OSI Group has been planning on buying a food processing plant in Chicago. The acquisition of the facility would increase the ever-changing needs of its clients. The company has been working to hold on to the mission of the top 100 enterprises in the industry. This mission can only be a success by prioritizing the needs of the customers. Companies that meet the client’s needs are more likely to lead the food and beverage industry.

The constant investments of OSI Group recently saw them purchase Baho Food. It’s a Dutch firm that produces convenience foods, snacks sold in retail shops and deli meats. The two companies confidentially closed the financial deal with the purchase of Baho Food now OSI Group will cover a broader market in Europe. The President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group believe that the products portfolio of the firm strengthens its ability to table top-notch services to its clients and boost its processing magnitude.

Baho Food has five units, and it has its processing plants in Germany and Netherlands. These firms are Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, and Bakx Foods. Baho Food provides its services to 18 countries in Europe. The managing director of the firm, John Balvers, and other top executives of Baho Food will remain to be a part of the OSI Group administration. They‘ll retain their positions so as to ensure the smooth merging of the two firms. This fusion will enable the two food processing companies to have an extensive portfolio of their brands and products to offer to their clients.

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