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Don Ressler: Moving Fashion Forward

There is a lot to be said about fashion. It seems that fashion does have its creative spurts for some time and some areas of the industry. Then it teeters off to a plateau for a while. After a while, the fashion industry picks up with creativity. While a lot of people want to look good and feel good about the clothes they are wearing, it is also important for people to be interested in clothes. One thing that could bring out more sales is if people have become more interested in fashion. The only way to do that is to bring about some more fun and interesting designs for people. That is exactly what Don Ressler and the other crew of TechStyle done.

Don Ressler is one of the people behind TechStyle that is trying to bring enough variety to fashion so that all people could feel comfortable with it. For instance, he is not just designing clothes for thin women. He wants all people to be able to enjoy some clothes. Among the things that he is hoping to accomplish with brands like Fabletics is getting people to appreciate their body and feel better about themselves. It is when people come to accept themselves that they can finally move forward. This is one of the reasons that he is happy that Fabletics is an all-inclusive brand.

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Another thing about Fabletics is that it brings about variety in a category that was historically lacking. Athletic clothing has been known to be the same thing for women all throughout the industry. There was hardly anything new brought to the stores. Don Ressler has decided to take the time to come up with some new designs for athletic clothing. This has allowed women to look at the clothes and come up with their own style even within the bounds of active wear.

Don Ressler is someone that makes sure that there is something for everyone. He does not think that fashion should be boring. He wants to bring personality to the table. Therefore, he makes sure that there are plenty of different styles for different personalities.

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