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Arthur Becker’s Involvement in Real Estate Investing

Arthur Becker is the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC. He has been holding this position for over four years. Zinio LLC is the world’s first and largest digital newsstand and has been accessed by over twenty million readers worldwide. It gives users exclusive access to over five thousand magazines and can be used on several gadgets and operating systems. This company is based in New York but has other offices in London, Barcelona and San Francisco.

Arthur Becker is an investor in several fields for instance real estate and technology. According to the NY Times, most of his real estate investments and activities are based in New York. Arthur is a very significant player in the real estate field and has a couple of notable contributions in the same. One of the most outstanding ones is his argument on changing the real estate tax to land value task. According to Arthur, changing the structure of the tax mentioned above will have greater benefits especially to the economy of the United States.

One of Arthur’s largest investment in New York is located at 10 Sullivan Street. He has developed beautiful townhomes in this area, and the value of the whole investment is just staggering. The townhouses give Arthur several options and only time will tell how he uses them. Sources claim that he invested close to twenty million dollars in the project and planned on using one of the townhouses as his residential home. These houses are located in one of New York’s most influential neighborhoods.

Previously, Arthur resided in a 23 million duplex apartment which is the other of his several real estate units. The apartment is located at 740 Park Avenue, which is arguably one of the most influential neighborhoods in New York. The apartment is not just an average one as it is rated as one of the most expensive buildings in New York City.

Arthur Becker is undoubtedly a significant player in the New York real estate field. The list of properties owned by Arthur is quite large. His investment in the real estate field is largely fueled by his success in the technology field. View his full bio on crunchbase.com.

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