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Mike Baur Co-Founds Swiss Startup Factory to Help New Generation of Swiss Businesses

Within three months, the Swiss Startup Factory’s mission is to take a newly founded startup company into a successful young business. It’s a dynamic and innovative model of entrepreneurial spirit, combining solid business sense with a bold vision which claims as a motto “Where Innovation Meets Execution.”

The Swiss Startup Factory specializes in new firms that are seeking to challenge the way that other businesses do business. They approach the method in two unique ways. First, they have a startup accelerator program which seeks to launch new Swiss businesses to the next level. The second stage of support is global, a 360 degree range of services to provide those startups with whatever types of support that they might need.

As can be imagined, such a daring model requires the right people behind the helm, managing the financial aspects and helping to train other companies to do the same. At the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is such a person. He is one of the company Co-Founders, and also the Executive Chairman. As part of his financial and executive duties, he is the one responsible for directing fundraising and financing rounds at the Swiss Startup Factory.

His fellow Co-Founders, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer are in charge of the accelerator process and the company CIO, respectively.

Prior to becoming a founder, Mike Baur had 20 years of experience in the Swiss Banking industry. He left that very successful career because he decided that it was time to make a change and cause a change in the world. The culture of the banking industry had been very traditional, and he wanted to do something bold, something to capture and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in so many people.

That sense of adventure was very present in the germination of the Swiss Startup Factory idea. One reason was to create new Swiss companies, and help generate, or “manufacture” new companies from its initial idea through an acceleration process that gets it off the ground and running.

It was also a way of helping out the younger generation, which had been a recurring theme throughout his career even before forming the Swiss Startup Factory with his co-founders. During his banking career he often saw the hard work that the new entrepreneurs put into their ideas, and wanted to help them make it reality. Now, as the financial director of the company, he can play a strong role in shaping that dream.


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