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Meet Samuel Strauch; A Real Estate Investor

Real estate industry in Latin America and South Florida has been growing at a high rate. This is as a result of great and focused investors who want to take real estate business to a higher level. Samuel Strauch is one of the investors with vast experience in the sector, and his contribution is highly significant.

Strauch is highly learned with a degree in business from Hofstra University, New York. Strauch has also received education from Harvard University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Apart from real estate business, Strauch is a great investor in restaurant and internet businesses.

After his education, Strauch joined banking industry where he worked for a time and later joined his family real estate company in South Florida. He continued to see emerging opportunities in the sector and in 2002, Strauch decided to start his own company; Metrik Real Estate. Under Strauch leadership, Metrik Real Estate has grown significantly and continue to provide real estate services that are credible and reliable in South Florida and Latin America. The company specializes in the development, acquisition, brokerage, and management of real estate.

Samuel Strauch explained that the idea of real estate business caught his attention when he moved to Miami and found out that the city was becoming a full-fledged metropolis city. This created opportunities for him to put together investors and international clients so that he can move with the new real estate development wave. Being creative and innovative are the main qualities of Strauch that has made him this successful in the business.

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With collaboration with other staff his company, they have brought to life many ideas after analysis of their viability and potential. Execution of ideas by putting time and resources on them has helped the company in its daily operations. Also, Strauch believes meeting new people each and cementing a good relationship with his customers, brokers, partners, and investors are very key to his real estate business. This helps in expanding customer base, finding new properties, form new relationships with other businesses and develop new ideas.

Samuel Strauch believes meditation is vital as it gives him time to take some time off and focus on his professional life together with personal life. Meditation also helps in coming up with new ideas, and it has a lot of health benefits. On top of that, Strauch uses many software and web services in his business. Dropbox, GoToMeeting and Pivotal Tracker has made his life easy as he can work from anywhere. Samuel always thinks whatever path anyone takes in this life is very critical to success.

Learn more about Samuel Strauch: http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/1488496/

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