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A Look at the Background and Career of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a board licensed doctor in both surgery and medicine in the states of Florida and Georgia. His hometown is New Orleans. He completed his medical studies in New Orleans at Tulane University. Mark then went on to pursue a career in medicine by joining his father’s medical practice after completing his medical studies. At the same time, Mr. McKenna showed great entrepreneurial prowess by launching McKenna Venture Investments shortly after joining his dad’s medical practice. McKenna Venture Investments was a small boutique real estate development company.

Mr. McKenna continued to work as both a doctor and businessman. He would expand his real estate business by acquiring and launching two new companies called Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. Together these two companies employed over 50 people in the finance, building, leasing and brokering of real estate properties.

As many residents of New Orleans were, Dr. Mark McKenna was decimated financially by Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane had destroyed most of his investments and property. As a proud New Orleans native, Mark would help rebuild the city after the natural disaster. He helped to construct low and moderate-income housing across the city. Mark McKenna was also involved heavily in the New Orleans community by serving on the board of the New Orleans Jazz Festival as well as the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

Since November 2007, Dr. McKenna and his wife, Gianine have been residing in Atlanta, Georgia. To know more about him click here.

A year later after leaving his job at Life Time Fitness Inc., Mark McKenna would launch yet another business. This time it was called OVME. It is another healthcare and aesthetics based practice that is revolutionizing elective health care. Dr. McKenna said he launched OVME because he realized that that were new opportunities in elective and aesthetic healthcare that could be tapped into.


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