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End Citizen United: Shaping the American Politics


The American politics has been under the influence of the rich people for a long time. Most politicians are elected to the houses of Senate and Congress in order to serve the people, but the influence of the rich people tends to divert this service. Since people have their selfish goals, it becomes hard for the politicians to focus on the things that matter to the public. The continuation of this kind of political management reduced the interest of the public in the American politics. With this focus, there End Citizen United is an organization that was created to help with the political situation so that the elected leaders can focus on the interest of the public.

Why the organization is vibrant

Most of the politicians had the will and the intentions of serving the people who elected them to the two houses. As they present the policies which are beneficial to the public, they get a stumbling block from the influential people who remind them about their help into the legislative seats. Most policies are always against the cartels who try to own the country. The diversion of such attention would result in the policies that oppress the common citizens and benefit their masters.

How the organization has come in to help the common people

The End Citizen United started off at a low pace. The organization is determined to ensure that the common citizens get the leaders that would help them find the best policies. Most of the leaders that the organization has selected come from the Democrat side of the political divide. The organization funds their political activities so that individuals would not help in the process of campaigns. Since the End Citizen United is focused on the public, it does not receive financial assistance from the influential people within the country. The organization raises its funds from the grassroots and the willing individuals who are concerned about the state of the country.

The success and plans

In the last elections, the organization did not raise sufficient funds to make a big impact in the political arena. A few individuals made it to the Congress and the Senate, but their influence in these houses made it possible to for the common people to be convinced of the beauty of the organization. The End Citizen United gained more grounds. For the 2018 Congressional elections, the organization had planned to raise $35 million for the campaigns. The organization has currently raised something over $4 million, and there is an expectation that the target would be reached before the elections. The encouraging news is that there are more members joining the organization as they push for a fair America which would listen to the voice of the common people.

End Citizen United info: ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC

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