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Jason Hope A Futurist, Entrepreneur and a Technology Commentator From Scottsdale, Arizona

Many entrepreneurs have influenced the information technology industry over the past few decades, and one of the latest additions to this list is Jason Hope. He is amongst the most successful serial entrepreneurs in the United States, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is not only an entrepreneur, businessman, and an investor, but also a futurist and a philanthropist. Jason Hope has helped many local charities to serve the local communities and empower the underprivileged section of the society. Jason Hope has studied finance from the Arizona State University and completed his Masters in Business Administration from the ASU affiliated WP Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope doesn’t have a background in science and technology but has a keen interest in this field. It is where he has made his fortune by starting a digital marketing and mobile communication technology firm. Jason Hope continues to invest in many technology start-ups that he feels the potential to grow in the future. Jason Hope has helped many young entrepreneurs in their journey towards success by providing them financial and mentor support. Jason Hope believes that a lot is happening in the world of technology for the people to be excited about, and one of the most critical and influential technologies that have been making a lot of news recently is the Internet of Things technology.

Jason Hope says that the Internet of Things technology is a compelling technology when its application would be fully exploited and understood. It would help different electrical appliances to work in a coordinated manner by sharing information and commands through the same network. Many industries can make use of the Internet of Things technology, and there are many new IoT enabled devices being launched in the market by many of the companies hoping to capture the market from the very beginning.

One of the industries that have already started using the IoT technology is the airplane companies, who are employing IoT technology to repair the damages in the plane quickly. It would also contribute significantly to making air travel more reliable and safe. The technicians do not have to spend hours now to understand where the damage has occurred in the plane as IoT technology would immediately notify about the same to technicians and ground staff. Jason Hope is also a supporter of many research foundations, including the famous SENS Research Foundation, which has does extensive research on longevity and anti-aging.

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