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How Logan Stout Built A Successful Health Supplements Company

After several years spent playing baseball as a professional athlete Logan Stout embarked on becoming an entrepreneur. He founded the Dallas Patriots which is a youth baseball program and under his leadership it as grown to become one of the biggest such organizations in the world. He also founded IDLife, LLC which is a company that supplies personalized health supplements to its customers.

As a health and wellness company, IDLife customizes products for each customer. Customers fill in all of their details such as age, prescriptions they are taking, activity level, and the like and IDLife supplies a blend of vitamins and minerals that are ideal for their health. Logan Stout has partnered with several well-known people for IDLife. This includes former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman as well as Jen Widerstrom who made her name as a celebrity fitness trainer.

Recently Logan Stout worked out a partnership between IDLife and Garmin. Garmin is a company that offers leading fitness trackers and other products that support living an active lifestyle. Together they will work to combine the Garmin products and the IDLife products support each other so that people get the exercise they need while tracking it combined with high-quality health supplements that fill in nutritional gaps.

Logan Stout attended Panola College where he earned a business degree. He then attended the University of Dallas and graduated with a degree in psychology. He went on to play professional baseball where he was a part of 17 World Series as either a player or a coach. He learned all he could about nutrition during this time not only to support his own health but also those of the players he was coaching.

Over the years Logan Stout has developed into a sought-out motivational speaker. He has spoken before many groups where he talks about what the mindset that is needed in order to reach goals. He says that if you’re dedicated to your goals you can achieve them despite any obstacles that arise.

Logan Stout is also a published author. His book, “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” describes what he has done in life in order to achieve personal and professional success. In the book he provides readers with a step-by-step strategy to achieve similar success. He explains the first stage involves focusing on improving yourself while the second stage is about building teams.

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