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George Soros Makes Substantial Charitable Donations

George Soros is a billionaire hedge fund investor who has amassed billions of dollars worth of wealth in his career. As a very wealthy individual, he has looked to make a positive impact on society. Therefore, he has donated billions of dollars to various charitable causes over the years. Recently, Soros revealed that he donated $18 billion to his organization known as the Open Society Foundation. This organization looks to promote human rights democracy throughout the world. It has expanded to 120 countries throughout the world during its existence. With his charitable contributions, Soros has provided the largest transfer of wealth to one single entity in recent history. This transfer of wealth will likely be put to good use in both the present and future.

Soros founded the Open Society Foundation three decades ago as he was looking to use his wealth to promote democracy and human rights in various parts of the world. While the organization looks to promote these objectives on a global scale, it has recently focused its efforts in the United States. In recent years, there has been a lot of social unrest in America. As a result, Soros intends to help address these concerns with his organization. There have been a number of incidents where law enforcement has abused its authority and there has been a lot of public outcry as a result. Soros intends to use his organization to help prevent police misconduct and brutality in the near future. Along with addressing misconduct and corruption by the police, he has also looked to use his organization as an entity that protects the rights of the homosexual population as well.

Over the years George Soros has focused his political interests on the Democrat Party. Throughout his life, Soros has spent a lot of money and provided much support to the causes that the party usually focuses on. During the most recent presidential election of 2016, Soros provided a considerable amount of money to Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign. Although the election did not result in the desired outcome for Soros and Clinton, he still looks to continue providing support to the Democrat Party. Since he has been a well known supporter of the Democrat Party, a number or conservatives have criticized Soros over the years. Some critics have even accused him of attempting to make Ireland a nation that supports abortion as well as encouraging Europe to have an open borders immigration policy.

With the recent election of Donald Trump, Soros and his organization have developed an increased level of motivation to continue their pursuit of human rights and democracy. They believe that Trump and the Republican establishment are likely to support policies that create social inequality. As a result, Soros will continue to provide funds to help support causes that make society more fair as well as more progressive in both the United States and the rest of the world. By providing more resources for a number of progressive causes, Soros and his organization will likely reach their goal of successfully establishing democracy equal human rights in American and abroad.

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