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End Citizens United Approaches Campaign Finance Reform Activism

An honest discussion about the power of the United States government should revolve around the rights of the average American voter. Voting rights in America make the country run and it makes it a representative democracy. Without these honored and valued voting rights, there is no America as we know it today.

That is why it has become infinitely more important that groups like End Citizens United continue to stand up for the rights of Americans everywhere. Many may not realize it but their right to vote has been under distress thanks to the flooding in of dark money from corporate lobbyists, millionaires, billionaires and other assorted special interests.

If you haven’t heard of the political action committee named End Citizens United, you are still benefiting from their work. End Citizens United is being led by PAC President Tiffany Muller. With Muller in charge the group at ECU has been working fast and furiously toward raising funds and awareness in order to fight for the concept of campaign finance reform. Campaign finance reform is under new scrutiny and a very bright public spotlight after the potential collusion of President Trump’s election campaign with hostile foreign powers — Russia, specifically. When millionaires and billionaires can donate whatever they want to whomever they want, it means bad news for the little people.

The floodgates of dark money were opened back in 2010 when James Bopp, a lawyer, led a right wing propaganda machine all the way up to the Supreme Court. James Bopp stood before the highest court in the land and argued, using obscure texts and references, that corporations were people and that spending their money was an inalienable expression of their first amendment rights. Bopp’s motives were so transparent as to be laughable but the SCOTUS Judges still heard his case and ruled favorably, albeit narrowly. Since then we can see a direct line of decline between the American government’s ability to govern as a unit and the prevalence of money in the United States political scene.

End Citizens United knows that they need to put high level legislators on their team who are willing to fight for campaign finance reform. These campaign finance champions are going to be the ones tasked with bringing up legislation to the highest halls of our government in order to try and repeal the 2010 Supreme Court decision. Washington D.C. is more partisan than ever and conservatives are overwhelmingly opposed to shutting down the cash spigot that has been filling their coffers for the past eight years. Most recently End Citizens United endorsed Veronica Escobar in her Congressional run for a seat in Texas. Escobar is a staunch campaign finance reform supporter.

Search more about End Citizens United: https://thenewsversion.com/2017/10/end-citizens-united-warns-big-donors-could-ruin-democracy/

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