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Securus Technologies Offers a Revolutionary Way to Prevent and Solve Crime in Incarceration Facilities and Enhance Public Safety

Securus Technologies offers revolutionary solutions when it comes to providing civil as well as criminal justice technologies for monitoring, investigations, corrections, and public safety. For finer details on what exactly Securus Technologies does. The security tech company recently published an article containing several comments in the form of letters and email communications from facility customers using their technologies to prevent and solve crimes, including inmate-on-inmate crimes. Looking at the published article, it is clear that the solutions the company provides are proving to be really valuable in the areas of crime prevention, monitoring, investigation, and solving.


Most of the comments from facility customers using Securus Technologies in the incarceration environment point to how the solutions that the company offers are useful when it comes to monitoring calls among both inmates and staff within their facilities. A significant number of customers noted that the technology solutions offered by the company in this area have been helpful in monitoring phone calls to monitor suspected corrupt members of staff that introduce contraband within the facilities. Additionally, call monitoring solutions have been helpful in monitoring information about inmate drug and alcohol use and dealings.


The customer comments also point to how they benefit from the reporting data that the security solutions generate. In essence, the reporting data generated by the company’s technologies is useful when it comes to helping to enhance a facility’s proactive interventions in monitoring and preventing incidences of contraband with a facility. Furthermore, the investigative


The other notable benefits that facility customers cited concerns the investigative tools that Securus Technologies offers. According to one facility customer in the incarceration environment, the investigative tools enable facility staff to perform investigations in case of complaints of harassment or potential threats to security. The investigative tools contain covert alert features to aid in arresting suspects and collect evidence in the form of confessions during conversations between inmates, suspects, and their associates or family members.


It is safe to claim that the general positive customer experience as noted in the published customer comments in the article is the result of the company’s commitment to offering superior customer experience through revolutionary security solutions for public safety and incarcerated environments. There is other evidence to support this claim when it comes to crime monitoring, prevention, investigation and solving technologies. The company was recently awarded A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. This rating and accreditation is simply a measurement of the justifying statement that a company makes to its customers as well as the media.


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