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USHEALTH Advisors: Insurance You Can Afford

USHEALTH Group is an umbrella organization under which a number of smaller insurance companies operate. Each of these companies—Freedom Life, National Foundation, and Enterprise Life Insurance Company—offer many different kinds of insurance often critical to the operation of a small business.

These policies are specifically geared towards independent business owners and small, family run, organizations. According to the Small Business Administration, close to 99% of all American employers are classified as a small business. But a lot of the time it is difficult for these small, independent, companies to find affordable and adequate types of insurance—the kind of insurance the big guys have—when they can’t afford a full-time staff of lawyers, accountants, and human resources representatives to negotiate on their behalf.

USHEALTH, and her subsidiaries, hope to make life easier for hard working American entrepreneurs by offering them big corporate policies at small business rates. Located at 300 Burnett Street, Suite 200, Fort Worth, TX 76102, USHEALTH has chosen to establish themselves in the American heartland so as to be closer to the clients that make this organization great.

And with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an award winning customer care center, the work USHEALTH has put into shaping itself as the most convenient, efficient, customer oriented insurance provider on the market today is obvious.

It’s so obvious, USHEALTH has been awarded

Let USHEALTH put that same level of care and diligence to work in crafting a policy perfect for your business as they have put into building their own award winning brand.

Learn more:https://www.ushealthgroup.com/aboutushg.aspx

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