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A Brief Look at the History of the Oncotarget

The Oncotarget is an open source journal in the medical field that goes live on a weekly basis. It covers issues related to oncology, chromosomes, microbiology, Pathology, and the study of the immune system. The journal is about how protocols can be used to improve the lives of cancer patients. It strives to inform the world about the ongoing scientific research and breakthroughs in the world of oncology. There are numerous medical-related journals. Oncotarget is the best rated Oncology journal. Watch this video on Youtube.

Oncotarget began publication in 2010. Doctor Andrie and Blagosklonny are the editors in chief of the journal. Over the years, Oncotarget has experienced exponential growth. The publishers have even agreed to add more content to the journal. The new content will include microbiology, pharmaceutical, aging, and endocrinology. The Oncotarget follows a code of conduct from COPE. Its code of ethics was set up by Michael Doherty, Jane Smith, Peter Wilmshurst, Richard Smith, and Fiona Godlee in 1999. Richard Smith serves on the board of COPE as the Chairman. In 2004, the Oncotarget drafted its code of conduct to improve its publication. Drafting involved editors, publishers, and the COPE Council.

The code of conduct sets limits to both the editors and publishers in the medical field. It also allows investigating agencies to interrogate claims against COPE. In 2007, the Onctotarget gave birth to a golden standard after it updated its code of conduct. That will create limits for all the COPE staffs. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/Oncotarget/

The access to Oncotarget’s website is free to all. Anyone can have full access to the contents of the site. All materials published in the journal since 2010 are readily available for download. Oncotarget website is user-friendly, and keywords such as dates can be used for searching contents. Due to the high use of social media, Oncotarget has set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can access tutorials and emails from different email account holders on its different social media accounts. Oncotarget became famous after publishing articles from Nobel Prize winners such as Andrew Schally and Mr. Croce Carlos, a former chief editor of the Cancer Research. In the past few years, Oncotarget has earned numerous awards for its commitment to advancing the medical field.

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