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Oh, Canada! With Eli Gershkovitch


Canadian beers have long represented old English ales, and the brands like Labatt’s and Molson lost market share to the dynamic beer crafting industry in the United States. Much as that has been the story for a few decades, the game is changing, Canada is taking its place at the table of great beer manufacturers, and native Canadians are leading the charge (BeerMeBC). Eli Gershkovitch, CEO of Steamworks Brewery, is attracting people back to Canadian beer with his clever brewing of a host of yeast-based libations.


Canadians no longer have to look to the American markets if they wish to enjoy a long list of IPAs, titles like “Chocolate Salted Porter,” or a nice, venerated pale ale (http://releasefact.com/2017/08/eli-gershkovitch/). Steamworks is filling a market space for these beers in Canada and is also resuscitating what was once a lackluster beer market. Steamworks is part of a movement of many craft and microbrewery interests cropping as a study of the millennials, and their somewhat quirky interests reveals the market is ripe for this.


Little is wrong with giving the people what they want, and in the case of a company like Amazon, whose market cap threatens to reach 1 trillion in the coming weeks, getting to the people what they want has been masterminded. That said, under the guidance of Eli Gershkovitch, not only will Canadians have domestic options for procurement of all kinds of beers and ales, but the potential for Steamworks to infiltrate the American market is only a drone-delivery away.


Often times referred to as “casual” and “down to earth,” Eli Gershkovitch had one thing in mind when architecting his empire: the desire to control his life and schedule. Whether this precipitated building this amazing brewery or not, what galvanized his entrepreneurial spirit was the desire to be his own boss. More to this point, he is also a pilot, which easily means he can fly himself, if he wanted to, to the numerous business deal meetings that likely lie ahead for him. Soon many of us will likely be enjoying the likes of Steamworks craft products and Eli Gershkovitch will, through this process, become a hero in Canada and a more recognized name in the rest of the world.

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