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Trucking CEO Perry Mandera Highlights Technologies Used To Better Manage Client Freight

Trucking companies live or die on how efficiently they are able to move their goods. No one knows this more than the founder and CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc., Perry Mandera. On his blog, Mr. Mandera recently highlighted three technologies his company uses to in order to move his client’s freight more efficiently.


The first piece of technology Mr. Mandera highlights is a software known as Cheetah Dispatch. With this software, truckers can access a variety of information such as automatic pickup times and proof of delivery documents that help reduce paperwork and creates a visible proof of delivery for clients.


The second technology highlighted by Mr. Mandera is a tracking software system known as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). With WMS, clients are able to better track their freight from drop off to delivery.


The final technology highlighted in Mr. Mandera’s blog post is a technology known as Dock Management Systems (DMS). DMS operates on a barcode system that allows precise tracking of every piece of freight to help minimize errors or delays in shipment.


As an over 30-year veteran of the trucking industry, Perry Mandera has been at the forefront of every technology and logistic evolution of the transport business. Mr. Mandera got his start at the age of 23 opening his own transport business. After selling that business, Mr. Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc., in Northlake, Illinois in 1986.


In the quarter century of operation, The Custom Companies, Inc. has helped hundreds of clients move tens of thousands of tons of freight (CustomCo.com). Today, the company employs over 350 employees with additional access to over 5,000 truckload partners and carriers. The Custom Companies, Inc. operations have also expanded beyond trucking operations to include warehousing and distribution services for their clients.


In addition to running a successful transport company, Perry Mandera is also active in various local and national charitable organizations including Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation and the Special Olympics.

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