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End Citizens United Targets Four California Republicans

End Citizens United, the prominent PAC which is working overturn Citizens United verdict, recently declared that it would target four Republican representatives to the Congress from California. In the early weeks of December 2017, it announced that the names include Mimi Walters of Irvine, Dana Rohrabacher of Costa Mesa, Darrell Issa of Vista, and Duncan Hunter from Alpine. All the four Republican candidates are included in the list of 20 Republican candidates the PAC is primarily planned to target in this year’s elections. Interestingly, the four candidates from California are found to be vulnerable to the House.

Tiffany Muller, the Chief of the PAC, has confirmed that the state has some of the best opportunities considering it saw a few worst examples of politics in the recent years. She continued to the news reporters that Hunter is already going through an investigation related to the misuse of election campaign funds. Similarly, Issa accepted campaign donations from telecom companies. The political action committee has big plans for this year’s congress elections and decided to spend millions to elect liberal candidates who are voicing for campaign finance reform – the ultimate goal End Citizens United wanted to legislate.

The PAC was formed as a protest of the liberal as well as a section of common people of America towards the dark money group and their nexus with corrupted politicians and political parties. It is observed as one of the biggest PACs in the country considering the grass root level campaigners. Though it was founded in the year 2015, it spent nearly $25.5 million in the Presidential election 2016. Muller also added that the PAC is chasing down the independent voters to let them know that how money politics has stolen the opportunities of the middle-class Americans.

It is already confirmed that a large section of independent voters understood money in politics is overhauling the transparency of American election system. While coming to the 2018 election, the PAC has collected nearly $11.5 million as of October 30, 2017, per the Federal Election Commission. The leaders of ECU did not confirm how much they are planning to spend for the mentioned California districts. The PAC adopted its name as the Citizens United verdict by the respected Supreme Court in 2010 led the flow of uncontrolled money into the election as well as the political system.

Ahead of 2018 elections, ECU has set a target of collecting $35 million in the form of small contributions from its grassroots level contributors. To align with its fight against big money, the PAC has set a contribution limit of $5,000 per individual, and its average contribution stands mostly under $15. The PAC wants to elect maximum campaign reform supporting candidates to legislate a law controlling big money in politics.

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