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Shafik Sachedina, Chairman of Sussex Healthcare

     A current joint chairman of Sussex Healthcare was born in 1950 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Having moved with his family to Britain, Shafik Sachedina studied hard at the London based Guy’s Hospital and Dental School. He obtained his dental degree in 1975, and then embarked on a successful career as a dental surgeon. Shafik became a British national, and today he is a leader of the well known and respected Sussex Healthcare. Dr. Sachedina lends his medical expertise and background experience to the large healthcare provider best known for their treatment care of elderly individuals. This esteemed healthcare organisation now has 20 different and successful private care homes across the region.

When families decide that an elder member of their family would be better in a nursing facility that can provide more services, it can be a very emotional time. The families often feel guilty and scared as they attempt to find the ideal healthcare operation. Sussex Healthcare realizes the enormity that families go through in this necessary process. It is nice when families of prospective patients tour Sussex Healthcare’s beautiful facilities and comment on the homelike atmosphere. This is exactly what Dr. Sachedina and other healthcare staff members want for their cared about residents.

Along with the beauty of the facilities and surrounding grounds, Sussex Healthcare offers so much more. There are wonderful amenities like whirlpools, specialized equipment and gorgeous private sleeping rooms that instantly puts a person at ease. The stunning dining area offers menu options that rival fine restaurant fare. Common areas throughout the building provide residents with a quiet spot that they can visit with friends and family members. Stellar and compassionate nursing care is available 24/7, and residents feel safe with the high tech security measures that Sussex Healthcare homes takes to ensure this secure environment.

Dr. Sachedina is dedicated to treating each and every different resident with the utmost respect and care. All of the staff are trained to be competent to work in these impressive care homes. Plenty of structured activities gives residents at Sussex Healthcare a variety of interesting opportunities.

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