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Whitney Wolfe Herd Brings Hope to the New Boom of Single Women

There have been a lot of changes to society that has resulted in their being a boom of single women. To make things worse, the online dating industry makes it very hard for some women who rather not wait around. For one thing, the women who want to approach will have it held against them. For one thing, the men in the dating community will see it as desperation. After all, according to men, all a woman has to do is set up a profile and then tons of men will be messaging her. However, some women will admit that it is not like that for them.Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe Herd has done something to bring a shift to the rules of engagement. One thing that she has done is create an app that disables the men’s account so that they are unable to message the women.

This gives women a lot of freedom to pursue men as opposed to having to either wait for the man that they are interested in to pursue them. This also keeps them from having to look through the mail and look through the messages to make sure that one of them are from the man they are most interested in.Whitney Wolfe Herd is someone who is not afraid of appearing desperate. However, she is aware that her confidence can backfire on her for the fact that she is a woman.

There have been a few women that have made attempts at initiating only to find that their confidence has come off as desperate. However, Bumble makes it so that men have to accept approaches from women if they want to get a date with anyone. Bumble is also good for the men who want women to approach them. Guys who are wanting a little bit of initiation so that they will be able to rest from all of the pressure that is put on them when they are trying to date. Also, when women are given the ability to approach, they are less likely to back away from the man they are dating.

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