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Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a very popular live sound engineer production manager that has worked with numerous celebrities in multiple states across the U.S. He has over 25 years of live sound and audio production experience and manages lots of live concert events as the entire event manager. In addition to that, Clayton has expert experience in many areas such as:


  • Stage, Logistics, and Production Management


  • Production Designs


  • Rigging


  • Show Producing


  • Monitor Engineering



Along with all the various duties of a sound engineer and a production manager combined; Hutson is always busy with directing his crew, setting up technical equipment, and going over all the finished touches to make sure everything is working and sounding perfect! Over the years, Clayton Hutson has rode along on many tours as well such as Marilyn Manson’s tour as part of the production and staging crew. During the tour, Hutson debuted his new SD11 console as part of the show. He realized it was more compact and just as effienct as the DiGiCo he was always used to working with. He was able to comfortably store it under tour buses if needed or pack it as part of his baggage when he traveled using airlines. This then changed the game for Clayton as he began using it at other concerts and live events as one of his favorite consoles.

Recently in 2017, Hutson was the automation operator for the OneRepublic Honda Civic Tour Production. By setting up the audio, video and lighting equipment, Clayton made sure everything operated properly and safely throughout the entire building. Each system was properly reinforced and provided high quality LED visual lighting for a beautiful high gloss appearance. This isn’t the first time Hutson has provided top-notch professional high quality work for concerts or live tours. Along with preparing for OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour, Hutson also put together amazing sound, video, and staging for other tours from Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rhianna, to even Taylor Swift!

Overall, Clayton Hutson has had many successes throughout his years from meeting famous well-known celebrities in person, to setting up expensive high-tech audio equipment for concerts and other large events. Hutson continues to expand his services to all over the world and even part take in television production! He has worked with hundreds of actors, writers and directors for putting together high-quality movies and short television films. He works hard in making sure the audio is crystal clear and the video looks bright with the help of his team. Learn more: https://about.me/claytonhutson


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