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Dr. David Samadi Robotic Dreamer

Dr. David Samadi left Iran at fifteen. His education carried him throughout Europe and the United States. His dream was men’s health, particularly the fields of Prostate and Urology. Dr. David Samadi now is Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital with over 7,000 successful Robotic Prostate operations to his credit.

Prostate Cancer strikes six out of ten men over the age of 65. The non-invasive PSA test is very useful in its’ detection and should be considered by all men over 40. The PSA test needs only a bit of drawn blood to detect the possibility of Cancer. Over 160,000 men were diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2017, some as young as 40. The number grows with every passing year. Former Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was one of this number.

Mr. Romney, in 2017 joined the ranks of such as Colin Powell and John Kerry to be stricken by this disease. All three chose to undergo Prostate surgery and are reported to be doing well. With early detection and proper treatment 9 out of 10 men recover. Surgery and Radiation are the two usual methods of treatment.

Surgery is usually recommended if the Cancer is localized. Surgery commonly involves complete removal of the Prostate Gland. Localized meaning the Cancer has not spread to surrounding tissues. Dr. David Samadi has perfected a Robotic procedure that involves minimal trauma and a quicker recovery. Radiation is another option in some cases.

Radiation is usually recommended if the Cancer has spread. Development of secondary cancer of the bladder or rectum is possible when radiation is utilized. Radiation may also result in further complications if surgery is chosen after the fact. One is twice as likely to die and one-and-a-half times likely to die sooner than if surgery was used first when appropriate.

Well understood consultations with your Urologist and Oncologist must be a factor in your decision. Learning your doctor’s history in the treatment of Prostate cancer along with his, or her success rate. Early detection and a well-planned course of treatment will yield the most favorable results. A robotic procedure such as Dr. David Samadi employs increases your chance for full recovery of urinary and sexual functions.


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