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Heal N Soothe, Herbal Supplement for Joint Pain

Heal and Sooth Natural Supplement for Pain and Inflammation Relief

Heal and Soothe is a herbal supplement manufactured by Living Well Nutraceuticals. The product was designed to help people that suffer from joint problems. It can be hectic to find products that use natural supplements on the market today that’s why the team at Living Well Nutraceuticals came up with heal and soothe. Unlike traditional medicines, the supplement uses natural products to prevent you from worrying about chemicals. Traditional medicines have been found in various studies to cause damage to your body when used for treatment of pain and inflammation. Learn  more about Heal and Soothe at Back Pain Relief Products.

Check out the percentage ingredients in each capsule:

Amount per serving % DV

Systematic enzyme blend – 750mh

Protease AM – 225AP

Bromelain – 6,000,000 FCCP

Protease 6.0 – 60,000 HUT

Alkaline Protease – 12,000 USP

Papain – 1,500,000 FCCPU

Boswellia Ext. – 150mg

Citrus Bioflavonoid -90mg

Ginger Ext – 90mg

Mojave Yucca (root) – 90mg

Turmeric – 60mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid – 50mg

Rutin – 30mg

Devil’s Claw Ext – 30mg

Other ingredients in the supplement are vegetables, water, and rice bran.

According to a research carried in 1972, pain and inflammation are mainly caused by low levels of proteolytic enzymes. As we grow older, our enzymes levels decrease. Low levels of proteolytic enzymes can cause various ailments such as blood clots disorders, obesity, high blood pressure, back pain, chronic fatigue, joint pain, colitis, fibromyalgia etcetera.

A study carried out by the Institute of Cancer Research in Vienna discovered that a mix of herbs and proteolytic enzymes could be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. The Heal and Soothe uses a combination of enzymes to produce a supplement that helps your body fight pain and inflammation. For example, turmeric and rutin which are ingredients of Heal and Soothe have antioxidant properties that help reduce swelling. Ginger has been used in Asia for many years due to its ability to treat nausea, inflammation, and pain.

For people suffering from joint health, they are supposed to take three capsules in one serving. Let’s say you want to take it in the morning and the evening, you should take three tablets in the morning and 3 in the evening. Each container contains 90 capsules which equal to 30 (90/3) servings.

The company offers a 30-day trial for new customers. You can order Heal and Soothe at only $49.95 per bottle when you sign up for the Smartship program. The supplement will then be shipped to you every month wherever you are in the world. If you wish to cancel after the thirty days, there will be no problem. If you need just one bottle, you can get it at $59. Follow this link to make your first order.


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