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Why The Chainsmokers Latest Single Is Being Embraced By Critics And Fans

The Chainsmokers a dance-rock duo which first formed in 2012. At the time the band was made up of Alex Pall and Rhett Bixler. Alex Pall had grown up DJing and went into it fulltime after spending time at New York University as a student at while working part-time in an art gallery. Bixler left the band after a few years and Andrew Taggart, who had been a Syracuse University student in Maryland, left his studies to join Pall in this band. They are now a DJ and production band with songs that have been international hits.

The Chainsmokers released “Sick Boy” as a single on January 17, 2018. It has since found a lot of success in countries around the world. As Alex Pall explains it, it is a song about how social media becomes all-consuming and the public face that a lot of people wear in their lives. It has been described as a darker turn for the band which might reflect a change in the music they produce but that is yet to be determined. Its bridge is chanted by both members of the band and have to do with wondering how much someone’s life is worth in likes on social media. Other parts of the song talk about how people have willfully built a prison for themselves by building up an image on websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

They also released a video for the song which can be found online. It starts out with rather grim lighting and also features flares of fire in it. Monster textures are applied in the video to both Taggart and Pall as the video progresses. The video goes through a haunted house setting and delves into how so many people are increasingly becoming addicted to being celebrities of the internet.

One reviewer said that the “Sick Boy” song and video are a great take on celebrity culture because it doesn’t take the usual methods of pointing out how cool the band members are or how The Chainsmokers didn’t sign up for all the craziness of being celebrities.


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