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Who Is OSI Group President David McDonald?

Originally from Iowa, David McDonald was raised on his family’s farm. As a result, he was quite passionate about agriculture from a very young age. Spending years on a farm taught him the value of hard work and discipline, which later helped him to pursue his goal of improving the agricultural industry’s operations. As he grew older, David McDonald realized that he would need a good education if he wanted to achieve his dream. He began attending Iowa State University in 1987, where he received a bachelor’s degree upon graduating in animal science.

After he completed his degree at Iowa State University, David McDonald found his place within the industry in 1991 at OSI industries, a company based in Chicago. David is proof that hard work, dedication and integrity truly pay off in the end. Over the years, he has managed to climb through the ranks and become the OSI Group’s president and chief operations officer. Mr. McDonald’s notable achievements and outstanding leadership have not gone unnoticed. Within the agricultural industry, David McDonald has found a place among the most trusted authorities. He is a recent recipient of the prestigious Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

OSI group is the largest supplier in the world when it comes to value-added proteins. It has over fifty facilities that are spread across over a dozen different countries, including eight Chinese factories. In 2012, OSI formed a partnership with the DOYOO Group as a step towards McDonald’s goal of making OSI group China’s largest poultry producer. After partnering with the DOYOO Group, the company built a mega processing plant in China’s Henan province.

In addition to the company’s business in China, David McDonald is also looking to expand its European market over the next few years, with projects in Poland and Hungary receiving a great deal of attention.

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