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Increase your Company’s Business with PSI Pay

PSI Pay enables its business customers to accept online payments quickly and accurately. The company has headquarters in the United Kingdom. The system offers the capacity to accept up to 44 different currencies. The company was founded in 2007. It is fully licensed as an authorised electronic money transfer institution in Europe. Since the time of the company’s inception, they have been regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and it is in full compliance.

The company has experienced rapid growth. When a business owner signs up with PSI Pay, there will be many benefits in store. It offers valuable features that are beneficial to the business and its customers. It is in effect a digital wallet. As a payment alternative, the customers can pay for any product or service quickly and efficiently. It is confidential, safe, and secure. Transactions are in real time in most cases. Money can be deposited or withdrawn just as easily. The company gives its business customers what they need the most. They get the flexibility they need, without anything getting in the way of conducting their business. The business reporting is accurate and easy to access. Its partners have come to depend on them for a reliable online banking experience.


There is no need to have multiple cards for payment anymore. PSI Pay uses the world known MasterCard debit or prepaid card. There are so many different currencies used in the world, particularly in the European Union. The ease of using one card that accepts 44 currencies is of the utmost importance to many of their partners. It’s easy to transfer money from another account, such as a traditional checking account. For the many partners who trade on the Foreign Exchange Market, they will have another added benefit. The PSI Pay solution will even work when a money transfer is performed with a cryptocurrency account. PSI Pay is a full service online banking solution.


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