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NGP VAN: Progressive Software for a Progressive Campaign

Inspired by a President no one expected, Democratic candidates across the country are lining up in the hopes of overturning congress in 2018. Joyful at the prospect of resting control of Congress back from a Republican Party content to do nothing, it will be important for these candidates to look past their enthusiasm and build well organized campaigns.

This disciplined approach has to start from the beginning: the campaign launch day. A well-prepared launch can generate enormous dividends in fundraising and awareness. The crucial building block in any launch is software. NGP VAN is a software company with the political experience any campaign needs, having been deployed by everything from labor unions to Democratic Presidential campaigns.

NGP VAN suggests starting with talking points. Communication is the key to any election and on the day of the launch any good politician must be ready to talk. The perfect place to fine-tune those talking points is the campaign website. A website can start simple and then internet presence can be built out, progressing alongside the campaign. The campaign also needs to be ready to deal with all the people signing up to help; this is where a well-designed CRM, such as those developed by NGP VAN, comes in handy.

As all of this is happening, branding and social media also come into play. Campaigns should focus on Facebook and Twitter initially before expanding to other networking programs. NGP VAN’s tools enable a seamless management, tracking, and analysis framework across social media platforms, with additional expertise in the all important tool of SMS communications. SMS is the easiest and most productive way to get out and organize volunteers.

The final pieces of the puzzle that NGP VAN brings to the table are digital ad integration tools, an obvious and important way to spread a message, and the all-important management of phone calls. Even in the age of digital communication, phone calls are still one of the most effective ways to fundraise.

As election day 2018 rolls around, NGP VAN has the tools progressives need to win.



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