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Meet the Philanthropist and entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran.

Meet the Philanthropist and entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran.

Apart from being an author as well as a philanthropist, Vijay Eswaran is also an entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. He is the founder of the QI Group of Companies. He also serves the firm as its Executive Chairman. His company has invested in real estate, trade, education, and hospitality. Vijay Eswaran has created a name for himself through writing some great books. Most of his books have become best-selling books. He is famous all across Asia.

Through his achievement as an entrepreneur, Vijay has earned numerous awards. The Forbes magazine has also written about his great work. He spends most of his time traveling the world. He also spends much of his time fighting for the improvement of education standards in Asia. Mr. Vijay also serves the World Economic Forum as a member of the board of advisors.

5Cs of Servant Leadership is one of the most excellent books written by Vijay Eswaran. In this book, Vijay talks majorly about leadership. He teaches that for one to be a good leader, they have to learn to serve others rather than expecting to be served. Vijay also states that leadership is not all about giving orders. The philosopher said that he learned this technique from his father. While growing up, Vijay was a fan of books by legendary authors such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. From their writings, he picked a lesson or two about leadership.

The five Cs that Vijay suggests make a good leader include caring for the people they lead. The second virtue is having clarity of vision towards the set goals and the future. Another quality of a good leader according to his writings is having core values that can be used to stir a company to greatness. A good leader should also be committed to growth, and finally, a leader should have or create a will to sacrificing themselves for their people.

Another great book written by Vijay is a book titled “ 3 Ways Fear Drives Success”. Here, he suggests that everyone has their types of fears. The choice of allowing one’s fear to take control of them entirely lies upon them. One can also decide to embrace their fears and work through them. The only type of fear that one should have as an entrepreneur is a fear of only having today to accomplish all their dreams. He states that people must know that fear is just a hidden excitement. There is a mall difference between fear and being thrilled. He also suggests that people should learn that whatever does not kill them will always make them stronger. The last way of getting rid of fear as written by Vijay is to understand that fear is always a stepping stone to greatness.


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