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OSI Group: The leading global food supplier

OSI Group is a food processing company which is based in the United States of America. It was founded in 1909 by German-immigrant community in Chicago, Illinois, Otto Kolschowsky. It has a strong heritage of quality and service to customers worldwide. Since it opened its first branch of a meat market in Chicago in 1909, one thing has continued to be steadfast in their unwavering dedication to their customers’ success and satisfaction. Current the industry is under the management of David McDonald who is the president and Sheldon Lavin, who serves as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer.

OSI group which is also known as OSI Industries or OSI North America or OSI Food Solutions is one of the leading food processing industry and it supplies and sells its food products worldwide and there ensure that consumer satisfaction is met. Being one of the major privately owned companies in the United States of America, they provide unparalleled resources and reach. The wide-ranging abilities of OSI, including tradition food product made to the customer’s precise specifications and global food supply chain management from sourcing through dispensation and supply, allows the company to supply traditional food products that fit the process and capitalize on the opportunity.

The industry serves its customers by following these fundamental standards, Seeking to partner relationships, striving for a tremendous improvement and to continuously improve, explore innovative solutions and to work with their customers together as a team by doing what is best for the group and act with integrity. These factors have enabled the company to dominate the food industry worldwide.

The OSI industry is one campanies in with different branches and operating in many countries thus making it the largest food provider worldwide, the core of the company is an entrepreneurial desire and swiftness that brings curiosity and a can-do ethic to customer collaborations. So that it can be an industry that its customers can turn to for fresh, innovative ways to convey subsequent-generation food solutions and turn their ideas into success. The industry has focused on making high-quality custom food products by offering custom food solutions made to your precise specifications, Innovative research and design facilities that help bring your menu and meal ideas to life. The company is always ready to help in ensuring that your customers have a quality experience both locally and internationally.
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