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Michael Burwell An Epitome Of Success

Michael Burwell is 54 years of age. He went to Michigan state university and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is a certified public accountant and was also named as the alumnus of the year at Michigan University. He is the senior executive responsible for managing the financial actions of a company known as Willis towers Watson after replacing Roger Millay who retired voluntarily on October 2, 2017. Michael Burwell is a person who has vast knowledge and understands well issues to do with managing and leading a company and also is a person who has a strong focus on clients. Michael Burwell spent 31 years at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP before joining Willis Towers Watson. While there he worked on business advisory services, that is providing advice and information for people who want to establish, sustain and/or grow their business among other responsibilities for 11 years. Michael took over the leadership of PwCs in the central U.S after being elected as a partner there in 1997, thereafter was designated as the chief operating officer and chief financial officer across PwCs in the US IN 2009. After 3 years he joined the global and US transformation where he became the vice chairman whose responsibility was to help expand and build PwCs internal shared services.

Willis Towers Watson is a company that is leading globally in the sector of advisory, broking and giving solutions to its clients around the world. It has employed around 40,000 employees working in more than 140 countries. Its services are geared towards delivering solutions that help in managing risk, growing talent, optimizing profits among others. The leadership of the company expressed their gratitude and confidence in regard to Michael joining the company, they believed that him joining the company would have done the company more justice into allowing the company to achieve its full potential due to his expertise in finances, transactions as well as his transformation being well suited to guide its long-term growth. Go To This Page for more information.

In one of the interviews, Michael Burwell says that one of the strategies that have helped him grow in his business is being optimistic and confident in what he does and also being relentless. Michael believes that everyone has something interesting about him/herself and also believes in the act of being a good listener and being able to build up your network.” there is only one place to look for leadership and that is in the mirror” this is one of the favorite quotes of Michael Burwell.


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