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Happy Patients of Dr Walden

Cosmetic surgery has come to enable people to make the physical changes they want. At first, people were not into the idea, but things have totally changed, and many people are embracing the concept. There are very few women in the cosmetic surgery field. This is because many women are not willing to undergo the learning process. It is long, and it may lead to delayed hitching and childbirth.

Dr Walden is among the few women in the industry. She is a mother of two sons. She says that the journey in the industry has been exciting because it is a chance to empower her fellow women, but it has been with challenges. She has to keep proving her credibility to her patients on a daily basis because the field is male-dominated. She has also had some benefits given that 95% of cosmetic surgery patients are women. They prefer someone who understands the body changes they undergo leading to the need for cosmetic surgery.

Her patients have been very impressed with her procedures. They describe her as a good listener and compassionate doctor. Many say she made it comfortable to discuss all their insecurities. In fact, one of the clients says that she was ready to undergo the process the same day after the talk.

The staff of Dr Walden is equally amazing. From the moment you walk into the customer care, they are sweet and friendly. Her nurses are also well trained. One patient remembers how afraid she was of needles; thanks to the great nurses, she can now take a shot without fear.

Another patient says that she was so nervous at first, but after Dr Walden broke down the whole process to her, explaining what she was doing, she was at ease. If you are a potential candidate for cosmetic surgery, there is no need to wait any longer.

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