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Passion, Determination & Excellence: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden, M.D., is the woman of the hour. This phenomenal cosmetic surgeon is at the top of her game, and she has an extensive resume of excellence to backup all claims. It would be extremely hard trying to find a more productive person than this in any field of work. Dr. Walden was born and raised in Austin, Texas. As a youth, she was very athletic and was an all-state soccer player. Her mother and father were two medical professionals that held the titles of being a surgical nurse as well as being a dentist. She was one of the five children from this loving couple, and education was instilled in each one of the kids.

For just about anyone, receiving accreditation is a big deal and Dr. Walden is no exception to the rule. In 2018, this woman was elected at the Aesthetic Meeting to serves as the Secretary of the Society’s Executive Committee. This position will provide her with a leadership role on the Board of Directors. Dr. Walden has made history by accepting the position as she is the first female surgeon to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors. It doesn’t get much better than this. Dr. Walden has built a solid legacy over the years and there seems to be no slowing-down in the immediate future. She has two twin boys, which were born right before she moved back to Austin. Dr. Walden has lived and worked on New York City’s Upper East Side for over seven years.

As of now, she has a flourishing medical practice that’s known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. This facility has a team of top-level medical personnel, and it provides a large selection medical-aesthetic services.

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