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What You May Not Know About Wes Edens

The success of this renowned American businessman dates back in 1987 at California Savings and Loan, Merrill Lynch and consequently at Smith Barney. Wes Edens started to shine when he joined Lehman Brothers where he served as the Managing Director in the Mortgage Trading department. He was also a Partner in the company. Later in 1993, he joined BlackRock Financial Management which was the affiliate company of BlackRock. Here he served in the same roles he was at Lehman Brothers. It is in this company that he formed BlackRock Asset Investors which was a private equity fund. After 4 years, he became the Managing Manager of an affiliate company of UBS.

Wes Edens has made his own wealth through his hard work and commitment in everything he put his hand in. He studied at the Oregon State University for his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration. His great expertise in financial matters has made him be well-recognized especially for being a Co-founder of the famous Fortress Investment Group alongside other major titans.Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by 5 major minds where Wes Edens was among the five principles. The other principles were Peter Briger commonly called Pete, Robert Kauffman known as Rob, Michael Edwards was known as Mike, and Randal Nardone was commonly known as Randy. Wes has been widely known as a man who gives creative financing ideas which are usually contrary to what people are saying.

In 2007, Wes Edens and his fellow Fortress partners decided to take their company public and took the company through its Initial Public Offering (IPO). At this time, the company was holding private and public equities and assets including vehicles, hedge funds, and real estates. In 2006, Nomura Holdings acquired 15% of the company for around $888 million which basically went to the five principles. After the IPO, all these principles became billionaires. In 2009, Wes Edens resumed the position of Co-Chairman of the Fortress Board of Directors.Wes Edens has served as the Chairman and Director of various companies like the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC, NationStar Mortgage, and Springleaf Financial Services. His excellent work is still remembered when he made the value of Springleaf to balloon from $124 million to $3.5 billion within only five years. Due to his love of sports, he is the co-owner of the renowned NBA team, Milwaukee Bucks. He is also the owner of League of Legends team called FlyQuest. He is married to Lynn Edens and has four children together as a couple. Mountain climbing and activities to do with horse jumping still remain his hobbies.


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