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End Citizen United Streamlining Campaign Finance System

End Citizens United is a political organization whose aim is to change the campaign financing system. The organization has been receiving small donations from grassroots donors which they will use to change the areas of the campaign system that they feel deserve a change. The organization was formed after the Supreme Court gave a ruling that has led to the rise of super PAC. The ruling has changed the political landscape in the United States by giving corporations the same entitlement as people. The ruling has created a situation where there is no more transparency in the campaign financing system since billionaires and interest groups can donate unlimited funds without being traced.

Big money has been trying to take control of the political system by ensuring that they influence who are elected as leaders. End Citizens United is working round the clock to change this scenario by fighting off this freedom that has been introduced into the political system. They want to pursue a reversal of the court ruling so that there can be credibility in the political system. The source of funds for campaigns need to change. The organization aims to prove to the big money that the grassroots are opposed to their efforts to influence the political system with their money. The organization wants to push for political financing reforms and at the same time push the lawmaker to take action on this matter.

Some of the things that End Citizens United is pushing for is the election of leaders who champion campaign finance reforms. These are leaders who can press the state to change ballot measures as well as changing the national dialogue to focus on matters that will bring development of the political system.In recent years End Citizens United has been opposing the super PAC organization which it says is behind numerous violations of the campaign financing law. The organization has already filed a complaint against Senate Candidate Rick Scott who they accuse of violating the law. He has received donations which exceed the amount allowed for. He is, however, using the loophole that was created by the Supreme Court ruling to benefit from enormous contributions.

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