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OSI Group: A Paradigm Shift from Regional to International Food Market

OSI Group is an all-time committed company in ensuring that their customers experience exceptional services. The first family meat market for OSI Group was opened in 1909 at the heart of Chicago. OSI Group is the number one food provider and supplier to most leading brands around the world. Most of its clients have trusted the firm in delivering wonderful food solutions in a consistent manner, which has quenched their needs for processing and development. It is all innovations and creativity at OSI Group. In the current world, OSI Group stands to be the most reliable and biggest food provider. It has around 20,000 employees and grown to hold 65 facilities in different 17 countries. It has risen from very humble beginnings and grown to be the leading food provider. They continue to foster globalized and modern economy.

Getting to know the origin of this great company, OSI Industries history originates from the American immigrant experience. It grew as a family-owned business. After many years of struggling to stabilize, they were able to achieve it and sprout successfully from that point. It shifted from being a regional supplier to becoming a global corporation. This has remained so until today. The major model of the business was to avail a particular product consistently to an individual restaurant. One of those customers includes McDonald. They needed hamburgers and that pushed the company into a state of ensuring that the product is availed consistently and at an affordable price. Moving on, the years grew and technological breakthrough began sprouting.

This made the processing and delivery process more affordable and easier. The technology influenced the innovations and more solutions within the food industry. OSI became a large-scale manufacture and a more technologically advanced company. In addition, the leadership of the company was still shifting hence from being family led into including some diversities. That is how the global presence came along. It is at that time that Sheldon Lavin was asked to join the team in 1975. With the changes and transition process taking shape, the production and manufacturing abilities of OSI Industries increased. It launched a new facility in 1977 at Chicago in Utah. Between the late 1970s and early 1980s, more facilities were planted. It began to expound on its services and became a multinational corporation.

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