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OSI Group, the Trendsetter to Nutritious World

Innovations in the food industry are vital. Any food industry must not only be consistent in quality but must also be creative on how to handle competition. OSI Group as a food company is without a doubt the most innovative company in the history of the food industry. As a food company, the company has been able to expand its wings into other competitive markets. This success is due to the following factors.

First, the OSI Group has an innovative leadership. The leadership is not only visionary but also effective in the overall management of the company. David McDonald, who is currently the president, has been able to solidify the company’s leadership to be more visionary and realistic. The customer-centered philosophy has so far been efficient.

Second, the company has an elaborate growth blueprint. With this growth map, it has been possible for the company to merge with companies from other countries and acquiring a certain percentage of shares. This is the reason why the OSI Group is currently active in Europe and other markets around the globe. The acquisitions of these relatively smaller companies set a win-win situation in all the cases for both the company and other companies. The most notable one was the acquiring of Baho Food. Baho as a food company has subsidiaries. The acquiring (in August 2016) was the best entry to the competitive and the dynamic European market especially Netherlands and Germany.

Third, as a food company, has invested in technology heavily. Good use of technology separates a good company and an incomparable company. For example, the flash freezing in the 1960s helped the company reduced cost and improve its efficiency.

The OSI Group values also make it one of the fastest growing company. The integrity inclusion in the overall company’s values, open to valuable partnerships, teamwork, and open to innovative ways of doing business make it a great company. The investment in research shows the visionary leadership of this food company has.

As an accommodative company in employment, the company has been able to attract the best human resource. The diversity in the workforce has an impact on the overall success of this company.

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