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A Look At Organo Gold’s Senior Management Team

Organo Gold is a Richmond, Vancouver-based beverages company that was established in 2008. They sell coffee, tea, hot chocolate, nutritional shakes, supplements, toothpaste, and a soap. What ties these products together is that each of them has Ganoderma in them, an herb found in Asia believed to have a host of health benefits. Their products are exclusively sold through a network of independent contractors found in 51 countries around the globe. This company sells 1% of all of the coffee in the world. Watch this video on Youtube.

The values that Organo Golf was founded on were morality, parity, and loyalty. The senior management team has built a company culture where employees share a strong sense of unity and common purpose. They want to supply the world with healthy drinks that lead to people leading more energetic and healthier lifestyles. They also seek to inspire entrepreneurship in the employees and in the independent contractors that sell their products to consumers.

Their independent contractors are only hired through referrals from existing contractors. Each of these contractors builds up a personal client base which can be quite large for motivated and entrepreneurial contractors. Each customer receives a personalized shopping experience tailored to their needs. The Organo Gold products are only sold to consumers, never to stores or coffeehouses. View Organo Gold’s profile on Amazon.com.

Bernardo “Bernie” Chua is an entrepreneur from the Philippines. He co-founded Organo Gold and is its chief executive officer. He has been in the network marketing field for almost 30 years and his commitment to Organo Gold led to it becoming an international brand. The other co-founder is Shane Morand who has been selling products containing Ganoderma for many years. He was responsible for creating Organo Gold’s independent contractor compensation plan as well as implementing a sales training program.

Holton Buggs is also on the senior management team of Organo Gold. He was hired in 2010 and in 2016 he became the chief visionary officer. He develops this company’s marketing programs and the overall global vision of the brand. This includes everything from the launching of new products to creating incentive programs for the independent contractors.

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