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Sheldon Lavin Helps OSI Group Rebrand Through Global Expansion

Sheldon Lavin Helps OSI Group Rebrand through Global Expansion

In 1909, OSI Group was born. But it went by the name of Otto & Sons because its founder, Otto, tagged his sons along in the business. He aspired to be the sole supplier of meat based products not only in his new town, Chicago but in different cities as well. For that reason, he decided to move the business to Maywood, a vibrant neighborhood in Chicago. Otto & Sons would later seek the help of a finance expert who was prominent for offering excellent financial solutions at that moment. As a team, they rebranded the firm’s name into OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin, the expert in finance bought some of the company’s significant shares thereby becoming a team leader.

Who is Lavin?

Sheldon Lavin is the head cheerleader of OSI Group. He joined the firm as a consultant but was later convinced to maintain his position and even take more leadership roles as the company diversified into different states. Over the years, he helped the company adapt to technology thereby enhancing the quality of food supplied to clients. For that reason, OSI Group’s success is attributed to his intelligence and the ability to lead.


Being the premier food provider across the world, OSI Group relies on the excellent leadership skills of Sheldon Lavin to maintain a leading position in the sector of food production. As a finance executive with vast knowledge in business and resource allocation, Lavin has been actively involved in managing the business by ensuring that the firm absorbs useful projects that can help clients and employees alike. For instance, he has spearheaded different expansion projects.

The Expansion Projects

In 2014, OSI Industries was awarded for being the most environmentally-friendly company in the industry. The award was conferred by Leadership in Environmental Design, a unit that honors businesses for operating without interfering with the environment. Apart from receiving the award on behalf of his team, Sheldon Lavin has overseen significant expansion projects including Baho Foods and Tyson Foods, two additional manufacturing facilities that have grown the supply capacity of the firm. Following his contribution to these projects, Lavin is an admired business leader.

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