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Restoration of Mental Health by Neurocore

Human brains are naturally adaptable and resilient structures. The human brain is composed of billions of microscopic neurons, which utilizes the chemical signals to control the electrical activities in the entire brain. The neurons enable a human brain to function, think, and feel, as well as, processing complex information. Studies are still underway in an attempt to understand other mysteries of the brain.

The scientists have been aided by brain mapping, EEG technology, and neurofeedback to get a deeper insight about the functioning of the human brain. This technology has also assisted the scientists to understand ways of improving brain functionality. Neurocore has started using the knowledge acquired to improve mental acuity and assist patients suffering from anxiety, depression, ADHD and ASD. Although neurotherapeutic application have become popular recently, it was also used in the mid-twentieth century.

In the late 18th century, Luigi Galvani conducted experiments where he used frogs as his guinea pigs. He tied the frog-legs to an iron fence during a lightning storms. He observed that every time the lightening flashed the legs of the frog would contract. He explained his observation by stating that the contraction was due to the ‘animal electricity’ present in the legs of the frog. In 1800 Alessandro Volta proved the hypothesis that stated that the contraction in the legs of the frog was as a result of varying electrical properties between the tissue and the metal interfaces.

EEG technology is responsible for detecting the electrical activities present in the brain by utilizing small, non-invasive electrodes. The electrodes detects the brain’s electrical impulses when placed on the human scalp. The communication in the brain is made possible by the electrical impulses. EEG records the impulses forming wavy lines making it possible for brain diagnosis. In the past, EEG was used when testing for epilepsy. Currently, EEG technology is used in detecting and treating brain disorders.


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