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Freedom Checks vs. Trump Bonus Checks

Do Freedom Checks Trump Trump’s Bonus Checks?

Anyone who has any interest in the financial world has heard of both Freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks. Those who truly do not understand how they work could easily decide that they are nothing but a scam. However, after further research and a better understanding of how they both work, you may reach a different conclusion.

Bonus Checks

Mike Burnick is responsible for bringing the Trump Bonus Checks to light. The Bonus Checks were first advertised to the United States Armed Forces. Burnick advertised these checks as being bonus checks to veterans because of their service and loyalty to the country. How it works is that first you pay $99.00 dollars a year to receive a newsletter created by Burnick. In this newsletter, Burnick will review companies and suggest which companies you should make an investment. Can you make money? The short answer is yes. Money is earned from your investment dividends.

Freedom Checks

Matt Badiaili is credited with coining the phrase Freedom Checks when he first introduced them in a video advertisement. In his video, he was trying to sell the Freedom Checks as a way for the average person to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. Many people were very skeptical. However, after doing some research, it is easy to see that Badiaili is sharing is time and research with everyone else. These are the same investments that he his investing his money in to make money. They are an investment that reaps big returns. According to Badiaili, someone who has the opportunity to move quickly on the investment can reap a return of up to 8,000 of the initial investment. Though many are still skeptical, those who act have a chance of making a large amount of money.

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