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Matt Badiali Predicts High Oil Prices in 2018’s Fall Season

An announcement released by Matt Badiali proposes that the price of oil is likely to skyrocket as from 2018’s fall season. The chief resource investment expert came to the assumption after visiting and scrutinizing oil wells in Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Venezuela, and Hong Kong.

Why Would the Oil Prices Upsurge?

According to the Chief Resource Investment Expert, the oil prices are expected to soar high since the US government has placed sanctions outlawing Iran from exporting its oil into the state. The sanction would take effect as from November 2018. Matt Badiali says that the sanction came in a time when US’ demand for oil was growing. Hence, the oil imports from Russia and Saudi Arabia alone would not substitute the 2.2 million barrels supplied by Iran. Secondly, Badiali argues that the price of oil is likely to increase since Venezuela’s oil production has been declining every month. This implies that the world’s oil supply is going down, making the demand tighter than before. Thirdly, Badiali debates that the American economy is likely to dwindle if the current US-China trade war persists. China, one of America’s major oil importers is likely to shrink the quantity of oil it delivers to the US.

What Would be the Economic Implications of the Increased Oil Prices?

According to Matt Badiali, the price of oil affects almost every aspect of the US’ average consumer. For instance, people need oil to commute to and from work, and manufacturers require it to stay operative. On that account, the growth could overwhelm the average consumer’s cost of living. Besides the increased cost of living, Matt claims that the increased oil prices could lead to the death of businesses that cannot endure the added expenses. On the contrary, the increase in oil prices could be an excellent investment opening for savvy investors.

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an investment expert with a solid academic background. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Geological and Earth science, a master in geology, and a Ph.D. in sedimentary geology. Presently, Mr. Badiali is an investment expert specializing in the energy industry.

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